To some extent Elizabeth has gardened all her life but the opportunity to take up the challenge of flower farming only came about when she was able to swap her corporate stilettos for Wellington boots, and a dear friend offered her a field in her garden. That combined with 2 acres at home and a husband who willingly digs and weeds for her gives her a lot of scope for growing.

Elizabeth is passionate about working with nature and embracing each of the seasons. Just as strawberries in March seem an anathema to her, so do sweet peas without the June sunshine to bring out their fragrance and demand that you stop in your tracks to smell them. Polytunnels and greenhouses are part and parcel of making the most of the seasons but the vast majority of Elizabeth's growing is done outside where the wind strengthens the stems and the sun and rain stimulate growth.

Elizabeth enjoys working with florists and is full of admiration for their art form. Like all designers they lead the way in determining trends and she finds it exciting to be able to support their work. Getting to know individual florists' styles helps in determining planting schedules and it's always a joy for her to see the beautiful flowers she's grown taking centre stage in an arrangement or bouquet.

Elizabeth also provides buckets of flowers for weddings and other special events and smaller bunches for people to simply enjoy at home.

Throughout the season Elizabeth supplies flowers to the Local Pantry in Pool-in-Wharfedale and Caring for Life in Bramhope.